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1. Application conditions:

- These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made by the seller to buyers. These conditions are considered accepted at the latest on receipt of the goods or services. All other general conditions other than these are considered obsolete. Any deviation from these terms and conditions is valid only if the seller has confirmed in writing. In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on the conclusion of contracts online, the contract will be concluded when you click on the button allowing you to confirm your order, after viewing the details thereof, and in particular the total price, and have had the opportunity to correct any errors. You will recognize your payment obligation. The language proposed for the conclusion of the contract is French.

- The contracts concluded on our Internet site (data relating to your order and general conditions of sale in viveur on the day of your order) are archived for a duration of 10 years. You can access the archived contracts by sending an e-mail to commande@balp-france.fr or by post to Jerem'J international, 88 rue Fontvielle, 43120 La Chapelle d'Aurec, France.

2. Offer and award of contract:

- The seller's offers are commitment. To be legally valid, acceptance statements and all orders require written confirmation or confirmation by the fastest channels on the part of the seller. The same applies to additions, modifications or auxiliary agreements.

-The plans, illustrations, ratings, weights or other performance data are binding only if they have been concluded in writing.- The seller's sales employees are not authorized to enter into oral ancillary agreements or to make oral promises that go beyond the content of the written contract.

- If the seller gives samples to the buyer, these remain the property of the seller until full payment. If, after the conclusion of the contract, the seller becomes aware of facts, in particular late payments of old deliveries which, on the basis of a proper commercial assessment, suggest a significant deterioration of the assets, the seller is entitled to demand the advance payment or a corresponding security and, in the impossibility of this clause, to cancel the contract. Partial deliveries already made are payable immediately.

3. The price:

- The prices indicated by the seller are all taxes included (VAT included at the legal rate in force) in Euro, price departure (shipping not included), including packaging. (Unless otherwise stated in writing, in any case, the additional costs may be charged to the buyer are indicated before conclusion of the contract). If the current VAT rate were to be changed (either upwards or downwards), this change can be reflected in the price of the items.

- If the buyer is late in payment, the seller is entitled to calculate interest of the legal interest amount in force.

- If after conclusion of the contract, a substantial change in costs occurs at the seller for reasons of price change among suppliers, the seller is entitled to make appropriate adjustments to prices for deliveries to be made more than three months after the conclusion of the contract. If the price increases by more than 10% the buyer is entitled to cancel the contract.

- Any estimate established remains valid for one month from the date of sending it to the customer.

- Even if defects, claims or counterclaims have been formulated, the buyer may resort to a settlement, a retention or a decrease only if the counter-requirements have been established and are not disputed . Billing deductions, deductions for disposal of packaging material are not permitted.

4. Modification or cancellation of the order:

- Any modification of the order requested by the customer is subject to the express acceptance of JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL. The order expresses the customer's consent irrevocably; it can not cancel it unless expressly agreed by JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL. In this case, the client will indemnify JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL for all the expenses incurred and for all the direct or indirect consequences that result from them. In addition, the deposit already paid will remain with JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL.

5. Guarantee:

- The guarantee of all our products is a manufacturer warranty:

Seller warrants that the products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for the period of time required by law
- The guarantee does not cover the abnormal or non-compliant use of the products. It is therefore ESSENTIAL to consult and always follow the instructions for use provided. It is not ensured when normal storage, installation and maintenance conditions are not respected. It is also imperative to observe the safety instructions attached to the products. Our products should only be used for parades and not for fights or showfights.

- All defects, errors in quantity or obvious delivery must be declared in writing within 7 days, but in any case before use or transformation.

- The warranty period begins on the date of delivery: The non-compliance by the buyer of certain instructions for use or maintenance or any modification of the products or the use of parts that do not correspond to the original specifications entails the cancellation of the guarantee. In the event of a justified claim, the seller may, at his choice:

repair the defective part or device and return it to the buyer;
the buyer places the defective part or device at the disposal of the seller and a salesman's assistant is sent to the buyer to proceed with the repair.
In case of failure of the repair after a suitable period, the seller is entitled either to deliver a substitution or to issue a credit.
For the elimination of the defect, the buyer must give the time to determine fairly and the opportunity to make available the offending object or a sample of it. Otherwise the warranty is void. In case of doubt about the merits of the claim, the seller is entitled to proceed in the first place to an expertise.
To the extent that within an appropriate period of time, the seller has not been able to eliminate the defect or has not delivered substitution or that the repair or replacement delivery is impossible or refused by the seller, the buyer has the right , at his option, cancel the contract or demand a price reduction
All liability is excluded in case of normal wear, natural wear and use or improper handling found after examination in our workshop.
- The return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The costs of re-sending are the responsibility of the seller.

- The guarantee only applies for direct purchases and is not transferable.

- The costs of returning the product are the responsibility of the buyer. The products are returned in their original state (packaging, instructions etc ..). The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller.

- No equipment loan is made for the replacement of defective equipment.

- The legal warranty occurs under the conditions provided by law. The rights referred to in Articles L.211-4, L.211-5, L.211-12 of the Consumer Code and Articles 1641 and 1648 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code apply. Please consult the most recent version of these texts on the website: www.legifrance.fr

- The paragraphs above cover all product warranty requirements and exclude any other warranty requirements of any kind

6. Payment:

- Payments are made:

  • By credit card. (according to online availability)
  • By bank transfer to the account indicated when confirming the order.
  • By check denominated in euro to the order of JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL, emanating from a bank domiciled in metropolitan France. The cashing of a check is made upon receipt at the time of the order, and the sending of the products takes place only after its actual collection (under a minimum of 15 working days after cashing).

- No delivery against payment.

- A payment is considered accomplished only when the seller fears the full amount.

- The seller is entitled to first count the costs, interests or debts older in case of late payments and ultimately the main service.

8. Delivery:

- For France, the free ports are from 350.00 euro HT. Minimum order 1.00 euro excl. Tax unless express prior written agreement of JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL. For other countries consult the conditions of expeditions

- The products are delivered exclusively in metropolitan France, to the delivery address indicated by the buyer during the process of his order. Any other place of delivery may give rise to an additional charge, the amount of which will be subject to a quote previously established by the seller and accepted by the buyer.

- Any receipt must be made in the presence of the deliveryman and must be systematically checked in its contents before signing the delivery note. We check all our products before shipping, but any anomaly concerning the delivery must be indicated on the delivery note in the form of handwritten reserves accompanied by the signature of the customers. The latter must also confirm the reservations to the carrier no later than two working days after receipt of the package and send a copy of the letter to JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL. If products must be returned, they must be returned within two business days of delivery. Any claim made after this period can not be taken into account.

- In case of problem on the delivery, contact us as soon as possible.

- Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days to your home. Unless otherwise confirmed in writing. In case of out of stock, it takes a minimum of 30 days.

9. Return of goods and right of withdrawal:

- The customer has a period of 14 days from the receipt of the product during which he can refuse the product. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of an unambiguous declaration (for example, letter sent by post, fax, or e-mail). Before any return, the buyer will have to contact the seller. Exceptions are custom engraved items as well as special designs.

- In case of withdrawal, JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL is obliged to refund the sums paid by the buyer, without charge.

- The refund is made within 30 days after receipt of the returned merchandise subject to compliance with the terms and conditions stated.

- Any material used by the buyer will not be taken back or exchanged

- The return of goods is done, at the expense of the buyer, to the following address:

JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL - 88 rue Fontvielle - 43120 La Chapelle d'Aurec - France.
- Any personalized product can not be returned except in case of error or nonconformity of the product itself. In no case an engraving error gives the right to return.

- In case of dispute, you can consult Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 on the "Online Dispute Resolution": http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Consequences of restitution:
- In the case of an efficient refund, the benefits received from both sides must be returned and, where appropriate, the benefits derived (eg profits from use) must be returned. In case of degradation of the goods, a substitution of the value may be required. This clause does not apply if the degradation of the goods is due exclusively to a control such as may be the case for example in the retail store. In addition, it is possible to avoid this obligation of value substitution by not using this merchandise as an owner and avoiding any activity that may affect their value.

10. Applicable law:

- These commercial conditions and all legal relations between the seller and the buyer are subject to French law. The language of this contract is French. In case of dispute, the Court of Puy en Velay (Haute-Loire - France) will be the only competent.

- The United Nations Commercial Law (CISG) is excluded.

- Insofar as the buyer is a full-fledged trader in the meaning of the French Commercial Code, a legal person under public law or a separate patrimony of public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is La Chapelle d'Aurec (43120) for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship.
The place of completion of deliveries and payments is La Chapelle d'Aurec (43120).

- The invalidity of a provision of these terms of sale or a condition under other agreements does not affect the validity of other provisions or agreements.

11. Retention of title:

- Until the actual payment of all the claims, the products remain the property of the seller. In case of non-compliance by the buyer of a payment schedule, JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL, without prejudice to its other rights, may obtain, by registered letter, the return of the equipment at the expense of the buyer until execution by the latter of the totality of the commitments.

- The goods remain the property of the seller. Changes or alterations are always made for the seller as a manufacturer but without commitment to him. If the (co-) ownership of the seller is null and void by association, it is concluded as of now that the (co-) property of the seller on the global thing passes proportionally (billing value) to the seller. The buyer keeps the (co-) property free of charge. The goods on which the seller has a (co-) ownership are subsequently designated by goods, object of the reserves.

- The buyer is entitled to work and resell the goods, object of the reserves in a commercial activity in due form insofar as he is not late in payments. Any pledging or transfer of security is prohibited. The buyer assigns all receivables (including all current account balance receivables) from the resale or other legal basis (insurance, wrongful action) concerning the goods, object of the reserves, to the seller right now for security purposes. The seller gives him revocable power to cash in his own name the claims assigned to the seller on behalf of the seller. The collection power can only be canceled if the buyer does not face the payment obligations in due form.

- If third parties have access to the goods, object of the reserves, the buyer will draw attention to the seller's property and inform the seller immediately.

-In the case of behavior contrary to the contract - in particular late payment - the issuer is entitled to take back the goods, the object of the reserves or, where appropriate, to claim from the buyer the assignment of the restitution requirements to the buyer. some thirds. The surrender or pledging of merchandise, subject of the seller's reservations - to the extent that the consumer credit law does not apply - does not mean the cancellation of the contract.

- The buyer bears the risk of any damage that the products may suffer or cause for any reason whatsoever.

12. Responsibility:

- The products offered are in accordance with the French legislation in force and the standards applicable in France.

- The photographs, texts, graphics, information, and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the products sold are the most faithful and explicit possible but are in no way contractual. In case of error, omission in one of the presentations or in case of modification of the characteristics of the products by the suppliers, JEREM'J International can not be held responsible.

- JEREM'J INTERNATIONAL can not be held responsible for non-performance of the contract in case of out of stock or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike including transportation services.

13. Data protection:

- We do not send your personal data including your postal address and email address to third parties without your express agreement and revocable at any time.Exception: Our partners involved in the follow-up of the order requiring the transmission of data (eg shippers responsible for delivery and the credit institution responsible for monitoring the payment ...) In these cases the data transmitted are limited to the strict minimum.

- We implement technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against manipulation, loss, accidental destruction or premeditated or to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to it.

- In accordance with the Data Protection Act n ° 79-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him and this free of charge.

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