Customized items

Customized items

Whether you need a saber or a sword  for a special occasion, a gift to mark a particular ceremony, or a special product, we propose to develop special engravings, custom models from existing models or to create new unique designs for you!

We will advise you through the entire process, from the product design to its final presentation, including its detailed written military specification if necessary.

We can also advise you on how to customize the current products at your request through the use of different processes:

  • chemical engravings, ...
  • bluish blade, damascene blade ...
  • Creation coat of arms, color logo inlaid ...
  • Materials, finishes (gold, silver, nickel, inlay stones, mother of pearl ...)
  • Presence box
  • Ceremonial helmet ...
  • etc ...


sabre-senegal3 sabre-senega2lcoffret-senegal


Based on your design, we will build the necessary tools and keep you informed during the entire production process on the state of development.

In this way, we produce many beautiful pieces, VIP gifts, white weapons or products for special ceremonies, as well as unique pieces for private collectors.


Do not hesitate to contact us by doing your project:

  • Please tell us the type of sword / sword you want.
  • The quantity (from a piece).
  • The type of change or the details of your project.
  • The more details you give us the sooner we will be able to answer you quickly.
  • Deadlines in the case of a ceremony ...

Please send us your request to: